Realtors Are Making it From Their Homes


Can an agent make a descent living from home?

If you are planning on working from home doing your real estate business you will have to have an internet connection and a good computer that will keep up with you daily duties. If you have ventured into your home to do business as an agent you probably had to leave that nice building because the market is crazy. People are not buying or selling these days due to the up coming election and the condition that the economy is in. They are saying that we are heading towards a depression. As the market is falling there are lots of the realtors that have decided to take their business to the internet. People are sitting in their homes and looking for property instead of calling and traveling from place to place, not to mention the gas prices. If you are ready to spend lots of time in front of the computer in creating your sites then working from home can and will work for you. Use all of the tools that you can get your hands on to make your life easier on the internet.

Can I work at home as an agent and have small children?

If you decide to work at home as a realtor and have small children you will need to know your clients pretty good that you bring into your home. Some clients do not want you to have that distraction of small children or even animals. If they hear sounds and are distracted then they know that you are distracted as well. If one of your clients has children and you know that, then it may not be too bad if you leave the kids toys out in the living room or some place like that or even miss picking up a toy in the door handle of your car. Just be sure you know your clients before you take that step and bring them into your home and vehicle. Be aware of the location of your children and animals at all times when you have clients in your home. You are a realtor as well as a marketer, so keep it in mind that you are selling the entire time you are with your client.

In conclusion if you have decided to take your realestate business into your home be sure you know the market well enough for the transition. If you have small children and animals be sure you have them under control at all times so you do not loose that client.

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